Expert Drilling Services in Kalgoorlie

When it comes to expert drilling services in Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields region, you can always rely upon the friendly professionalism of the team here at McInnes Drilling. Our highly specialised mobile equipment can get into places that larger machinery won’t even get a peek at! So, from drilling and sample collection to earth stake drilling, we’re the guys you can trust to get the job done right.


Geo-chem exploration drilling

Drilling and sample collection

Our team will travel to a tenement location specified by the client and drill to the supplied coordinates. All data is downloaded from the GPS and emailed to the client as requested, and samples are mobilised to assay lab or transport hub.


Our highly qualified technicians take great pride in both the standard of their workmanship and the impeccable quality of all rigs and equipment. Every possible care is taken to ensure that our drill rigs have the slightest possible impact on the surrounding environment.


The Land Cruiser mounted RAB rig is ideally suited for hammer drilling through hard pan cap rock, where an auger rig struggles to penetrate, resulting in shallow blade refusal and a negative result.

Environmental and Earth Rod Drilling

McInnes Drilling Pty Ltd has been specialising in environmental and earth rod drilling in the Goldfields since 1995. We generally offer our services to mining companies, environmental companies and electrical engineers, but we welcome any contracts, big or small from anyone who requires a spot of exceptional drilling.

Our work is unfailingly performed to the highest possible standards, and all of our crews operate with the correct safety gear at all times.